Steve has been playing guitar since age 14. Comping and playing cover tunes, Steve joined rock bands in high school, and later did the coffeehouse circuit and talent shows.  As a listener of rock radio, avid concert goer. and a solo guitar act, Steve’s style works well on 12-string.  Twelve string guitars are tuned like six strings (EADGBE); each two-string course is in unison (EE-AA-DD-GG-BB-EE). The double strings offer an embellished, jangly-type sound reminiscent of music from 70’s and 80’s bands like Rush, Triumph,  America, Led Zeppelin, and The Eagles. This guitar type lends itself to strumming, chord arpeggios, and ringing harmonics. 

Steve appeared at the 2022 TEDxMcKinney playing a medley of musical intros and tunes relating to the title theme Breakthrough for about 300 people. In 2023, Steve appeared at Dallas Athletic Club playing for a retirement party of 42 guests. He plays as a headliner at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea where he also faciltates Monday Music Open Mic Nite in Craig Ranch-McKinney, TX.